The Formuj component

The <Formuj /> component renders the schema into an actual form that can be seen in the DOM. It is actually a wrapper around <FormikProvider /> and <Form /> components. You can read more about those in Breaking out of Formuj.

The Formuj component takes the following props.


The form schema. This prop is required. See Schema for details.


const onSubmit = (values, formikBag) => {

The form submission handler. This prop is required. It will be called with two arguments: the first is the object containing the submitted values and the second is the formikBag with a number of helpful methods and properties.

The onSubmit handler does not fire if there are validation errors in the form.


Additional context for validation that will be passed on to all validators. See Validation for details.


An object containing various additional data required for rendering the form correctly.

When using select components, optionsKey in the schema form control will target one of the properties of this object. It is also passed to conditional rendering handlers.